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Our thematic selections : Tunisian Jews

Jewish settlements in the territory of present-day Tunisia date to ancient times; the island of Djerba illustrates the age-old presence of Jews in this country particularly well.

Beginning in the 15th century, many Jews expelled from the Iberian Peninsula moved to Italy, primarily Livorno, then emigrated to Tunisia. More European that their local brethren, they have long formed a distinct community, known as Grana.

Despite their status as dhimmi, Tunisian Jews thrived economically and culturally in a peaceful environment.

The French Protectorate did not establish a privileged legal framework for the Jewish population. The remaining discriminatory measures due to their status as dhimmi (a status that had already been significant improved by the Beylik of Tunis) were eliminated, yet they did not automatically obtain French nationality.

While the anti-Semitism of the Vichy government of France and the German occupation at the end of the war severely impacted the Tunisian Jews, it appears that, as in Morocco, the Bey of Tunis played a protective role toward his Jewish subjects.

Tunisian independence and the tensions fueled by the Arab-Israeli conflict compelled most Tunisian Jews to leave the country, even though many of them, still deeply attached to their roots, return as pilgrims or tourists.

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