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Our thematic selections : Humor

Anyone who has grown up in an Arab country well knows the good-natured humour of the popular language.
From the traditional Nasreddin stories to the development of the current Hirak movement in Algeria, along with Egyptian noqta, humour in the Arab world is at its wittiest when it is self-deprecating, when wielded with finesse to laugh about the idiosyncrasies of a society ridden with contradictions.
To laugh at oneself, but also to lampoon the powerful: In countries where freedom of expression is sometimes restricted, press cartoons, satirical articles, slogans and sketches by comedians make life more bearable, buoying up spirits that censorship would like to quash.

This selection is just a taste of the AWI's rich heritage.

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Jeudis de l'IMA - Caricaturistes : Fantassins de la démocratie
  • 2014
  • Videos
Portrait - Spectacle - Abdelkader Secteur
  • 2014
  • Videos
Essayons d' en rire ; caricatures publiées dans la presse égyptienne / ; présentées et trad. par Farida Gad El- Hakk et Ghislaine Alleaume ; [publ. par le] Centre d' études et de documentationconomiques, juridiques et sociales
  • Gad El- Hakk, Farida, Alleaume, Ghislaine
  • 1982
  • CEDEJ ,
  • Printed books
Les Aventures extraordinaires de Sa'īd le peptimiste ; Emile Habibi ; trad. de l' arabe par Jean- Patrick Guillaume
  • Habibi, Émile
  • 1987
  • Gallimard ,
  • Printed books
Juif- Arabe : l' intégrale ; [textes et ill.] Farid Boudjellal
  • Boudjellal, Farid, Boudjellal, Farid
  • 1996
  • Soleil Productions ,
  • Printed books
Le Dernier chameau et autres histoires ; Fellag
  • Fellag
  • 2004
  • Lattès ,
  • Printed books
Taxi ; Khaled Al Khamissi ; traduit de l' arabe (Egypte) par Hussein Emara et Moina Fauchier Delavigne
  • Khamissi, Khaled Al-, Emara, Hussein, Fauchier Delavigne, Moina
  • 2009
  • Actes Sud ,
  • Printed books
Panorama de la bande dessinée algérienne ; 1969- 2009 / ; Lazhari Labter
  • Labter, Lazhari
  • 2009
  • Lazhari Labter ,
  • Printed books
Slim, le Gatt et moi ; Omar Zelig
  • Zelig, Omar
  • 2009
  • Dalimen ,
  • Printed books
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