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Our thematic selections : Traditional Arab medicine

Traditional medicine in the Arab world is often based on ancestral treatments derived from plants and herbs.

It is also a psychological system of medicine: talebs and marabouts draw on religious science and empirical knowledge to ease the suffering of their patients, and may even practice exorcisms for what they deem to be serious states of delirium.

Finally, it includes practices related to those of a bonesetter, which may veer close to surgery and orthopedics.

The difference between a taleb and a sorcerer may be quite small.

Is this system of traditional Arab medicine effective and what are the risks to patients?

Our selection provides answers on this wide-ranging subject.

This selection is just a taste of the AWI's rich heritage.

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Boutique d' apothicaire dans le souk de Rahba Qadima.
  • TREAL Cécile, RUIZ Jean-Michel
  • MAROC , Marrakech
  • 1999
  • Photography
Bocaux dans la boutique d'un herboriste à Fès.
  • MAROC , Fès
  • 2003
  • Photography
Marchands de pharmacopée traditionnelle dans le souk de Marrakech. Ils portent le turban rezza.
  • MAROC , Marrakech
  • 1934
  • Photography
Médecine, magie et sorcellerie au Maroc ou l' Art traditionnel de guérir ; Akhmisse Mustapha
  • Akhmisse, Mustapha
  • 1985
  • Benimed ,
  • Printed books
Le pouvoir de guérir ; mythe, mystique et politique au Maroc / ; par Zakaria Rhani.
  • Rhani, Zakaria
  • 2014
  • Brill,
  • Printed books
Herbal medicine in Yemen ; traditional knowledge and practice, and their value for today's world / ; edited by Ingrid Hehmeyer, Hanne Schönig ; with the collaboration of Anne Regourd.
  • Hehmeyer, Ingrid, Regourd, Anne, Schönig, Hannelore
  • 2012
  • Brill,
  • Printed books
Plantes médicinales de Méditerranée et d'Orient / ; Dr Mahboubi Moussaoui.
  • Moussaoui, Mahboubi
  • 2014
  • Éd. Sabil,
  • Printed books
Les Médecines touarègues traditionnelles ; approche ethnologique / ; Jacques Hureiki ; préf. d' André Bourgeot
  • Hureiki, Jacques, Bourgeot, André
  • 2000
  • Karthala ,
  • Printed books
Plantes médicinales au Maghreb et soins de base ; précis de phytothérapie moderne / ; Jamal Bellakhdar
  • Bellakhdar, Jamal
  • 2006
  • Le Fennec ,
  • Printed books
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