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Our thematic selections : Hammam

The hammam plays an important role in the Arab-Ottoman civilization.

The hot steam in the Turkish bath dilates the pores before bathers cool off in a pool, a Mediterranean tradition inherited from the tradition of Roman baths.

Hammans may not feature all the modern-day comforts, but this is because it’s not merely a place for wellness and for purifying the body. It is, above all, where women go to socialize and meet up with friends.

This selection examines the multiple facets of this traditional institution that has so intrigued and fascinated painters, photographers, sociologists, novelists, and filmmakers.

It is just a taste of the AWI's rich heritage.

You can find out more about these subjects by exploring this portal or by visiting the Institute.

socques de bain
  • Tunisie
  • entre 4e quart 19e siècle et 1er quart 20e siècle
  • Artworks and objects
RDV de l'Histoire du monde arabe (2015) - 25 siècles de bain collectif en Orient (Proche-Orient, Égypte et péninsule Arabique)
  • Marie-Françoise BOUSSAC, Thibaud FOURNET, Bérangère REDON.
  • 2015
  • Videos
Hommes en pagne dans la salle de repos, damascée de marbre, du hammam Izzedine.
  • MEUNIER Pascal
  • SYRIE , Damas
  • 2002
  • Photography
La salle des ablutions dans le hammam des appartements de l' Emir Béchir, Dar al Wousta.
  • CATELOY Fabrice
  • LIBAN , Beit Eddine
  • 2003
  • Photography
La coupole ajourée à l'intérieur du hammam Yalbogha al Nasri, d'époque mamelouke, 14e siècle.
  • MEUNIER Pascal
  • SYRIE , Alep
  • 2002
  • Photography
Le corps dans le récit intime arabe / ; Ahmed Kharraz.
  • Kharraz, Ahmed
  • 2013
  • Orizons,
  • Printed books
Harems ; Annabelle d' Huart et Nadia Tazi ; préf. de Lawrence Durrell
  • Huart, Annabelle D', Tazi, Nadia, Durrell, Lawrence
  • 1980
  • Ed. du Chene ,
  • Printed books
Un Bain damasquin du XIIIe siècle ; M. J. Sauvaget
  • Sauvaget, Jean
  • 1930
  • Geuthner ,
  • Articles
Ombre sultane ; Assia Djebar
  • Djebar, Assia
  • 1987
  • Lattès ,
  • Printed books
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