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Our thematic selections : Moroccan Jews

Jewish people have been living in the region of present-day Morocco since ancient times. Their population expanded significantly in the 15th century with the influx of member of this faith who were expelled from Andalusia.

Considered dhimmi (a term for non-Muslims living in Islamic countries), the Jews of Morocco clearly experienced much discrimination, but they also received a certain level of protection that fostered the development of their communities.

Throughout history, the sultans of Morocco often acted as mediators during outbreaks of violence between their Muslim subjects and Jews, and close relationships were established at the highest levels of government between the authorities and Jewish elites.

Mohammed V expressed misgivings about the anti-Semitism of the Vichy regime, and in 1956, when Morocco gained its independence, Jews became citizens of the kingdom in their own right, on an equal footing with Muslims.

Despite living in Morocco for centuries, Jews have left Morocco en masse in the wake of disputes, notably connected to the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

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Paire de bagues à cheveux
  • Djebel Bani (?), Anti-Atlas (?), Maroc
  • 18e siècle
  • Artworks and objects
Jeudis de l'IMA - Présentation de l'ouvrage "La Réhabilitation des Cimetières Juifs du Maroc - Les Maisons de la Vie"
  • Serge BERDUGO, S.E. Ahmed TOUFIQ.
  • 2015
  • Videos
Jeudis de l'IMA - Journée d'étude autour du judaïsme Marocain (partie 2)
  • Maati KABBAL, Jack LANG, Gad IBGUI, Mohammed KENBIB, Ariel DANAN
  • 2014
  • Videos
Portrait - Musique - L'art judéo-marocain
  • 2014
  • Videos
Portrait - Musique - Gharnati de Rabat
  • Haj Ahmed PIRO, Bahaa RONDA, Michel ABITAN
  • 2014
  • Videos
Pèlerinage des communautés juive et musulmane pour la célébration du saint Ben Ahmed.
  • TREAL Cécile, RUIZ Jean-Michel
  • MAROC , Région de Settat
  • 1995
  • Photography
Le cimetière juif à Fès.
  • FLANDRIN Marcelin
  • MAROC , Fès
  • 1918
  • Photography
Immeubles traditionnels typiques de l' architecture juive, rue Bou Khessissat dans le mellah à Fès, avec au rez-de-chaussée un commerce et un vaste balcon à l' étage.
  • MAROC , Fès
  • 2003
  • Photography
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