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Our thematic selections : Algerian Jews

A Jewish community has been found to have existed in Algeria since ancient times. With Islamization, Jews in the Maghreb became dhimmi, which discriminated against them, yet provided protection.

Speaking the native languages (Berber and Arabic) and with customs much different from those of the colonists who settled in Algeria starting in 1830, Jews were granted full French citizenship by the Crémieux Decree of 1870, as opposed to Muslims, who were not.

This acquisition of French citizenship would have a profound impact on the development of the Jewish population in Algeria. As they moved toward integration, these new citizens nevertheless did not abandon their traditional culture and faced virulent anti-Semitism from many Pieds-Noirs (French nationals born in Algeria).

This dual allegiance created friction during the Algerian War of Independence: some Algeria Jews joined the liberation movements.

When the war ended in 1962, an overwhelming majority of Jews left the country.

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Portrait - Cinéma - "Mon histoire n'est pas encore écrite" (2017) de Jacqueline Gozland
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